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    The Lake Tuz Special Environmental Protection Area

    The Lake Tuz (Lake Salt) is the second largest lake in Türkiye after Lake Van. It is mainly fed by underground water. Being a tectonic originated site, the area is located in a closed large basin called Konya basin. The area is poor in inflowing rivers due to its location in the least rain fall receiving part of the country.

    In summer, dry period dominates which results in the formation of a salt layer about 30 cm by means of excessive evaporation in the lake. It is one of the most salty lakes of the world.

    The Lake Tuz basin, which hosts an enormous variety of bird species, has approximately 6,000 bird nesting areas. In addition, it has been determined that 279 plant and bacterial species lived in the region. Salt Lake Special Environmental Protection Area, one of the important natural areas in the world, has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List due to these features.

    The surface of the edges of the lake looks like an empty planet in which many visitors can perceive some oasis on the horizon. Over there a white layer covering the steppe plants mimics some sculpture shapes of the fine arts in nature.

    Lake Beyşehir National Park

    Several interesting Seljuk buildings are scattered around lovely Beyşehir found on the shores of the lake of the same name, Türkiye’s third largest lake. In the south-western region of the lake is the pristine wilderness of Lake Beyşehir National Park, Türkiye's second largest national park.

    The reflection that appears at sunset in the lake creates eye-catching images with the boats on the lake tour.

    Green texture emerges at certain times of the year due to the reeds growing in the lake. For this reason, the lake turns green.

    Meke and Acı Crater Lakes 

    Surrounding Karapınar, 94km southeast of Konya, are numerous crater lakes, the most famous being the lovely Meke Crater Lake with an island in the middle. When viewed from above, it is seen as a black spot surrounded by blue water. Because of this image, the lake is considered as the "Evil Eye Bead of the World".

    On the north side of the road to Ereğli, 10km from Karapınar, lies Acı Crater Lake