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    Etli Ekmek

    Etli Ekmek (Meat Bread) is a delicious and famous meal that looks like a very long pizza. Ground meat, onion, fresh tomato and pepper are mixed thoroughly and spread on the dough that has opened lengthwise and baked in the bread oven. Etli Ekmek is usually consumed with Ayran, and it is especially served to guests at weddings and ceremonies. It is a dish that must be tasted by visitors to Konya.

    Fırın Kebabı

    Fırın Kebabı (Oven Kebab) is a dish that dates back to Seljuk Turks. That historical delicacy is prepared by adding soft and juicy meat baked with traditional methods, roasted peppers and tomatoes to the warm soft pita.

    Bamya Çorbası

    Born in Seljuk palaces and developed with the Mevlevi tradition, Bamya Çorbası (Okra Soup) has been among the indispensables of the tables, especially at weddings and special events for centuries in Konya.

    Konya Etli Düğün Pilavı

    Etli Düğün Pilavı (Wedding Pilaf with Meat) is the main dish of wedding ceremony tables in Konya. It is cooked in large cauldrons and served to guests in large bowls by pouring soft well–cooked meat on rice.


    One of the most popular dishes in Konya is Tirit. Put the meat on the breads you have cooked and fried. Sprinkle the garlic yogurt and onions over it and make the final touch with parsley leaves. It's that easy! Bon Appetit. 

    Konya Cheese Candy

    Konya Cheese Candy, also known as Mevlana Candy, has such a great reputation in the country that it comes to mind after Rumi and Etli Ekmek when Konya is mentioned. Its main ingredients are water and sugar.  Visitors take it as gifts to their loved ones when leaving Konya. It is especially loved by children